"I am Paula, a Water Management graduate from the HZ University of Applied Sciences, and I want to share what has shaped me throughout my 4 years within this community and environment.

The very first turning point was when I left my home country and moved to the Netherlands. At this young age stepping out of my comfort zone into new and unknown was fearful and not easy. The new environment challenged me to grow and slowly by slowly transform it into my comfort zone.

Luckily, my journey was accompanied by the personal approach of HZ toward its students. My lecturers provided not only theoretical and practical knowledge of the professional field but also assignments regarding my personal development. Their support and encouragement were very important since they motivated me to learn and achieve more.

In addition to that, a large role was played by the freedom and variety of extra curriculum activities for students who are willing to push an extra mile. By being part of the student ambassador community and the Honours Programme I created a network with other students as well as professionals, I strengthened my communication, collaboration and management skills. Moreover, the Honours Programme gave me an opportunity to execute a project in Africa that has changed my life and expanded my comfort zone even more.

All in all, within the HZ University of Applied Sciences I have definitely discovered my power to grow personally, professionally and globally! I hope you will too!"

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