Yu Yifeng

Summer School Delta Challenges

“I sincerely recommend this programme. The Dutch are experienced in water management.”

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“In the final year of my study programme I carried out an internship project at Unilever in the Analytical Chemistry department”

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“During my Bachelor, I had the opportunity to participated in Analytical Sciences Talent Program”

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“The program gradually prepared the students for independent work in the laboratory.”

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International Business

“I would say that being a student at HZ has brought me the needed competences and skills to understand the business world”

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International Business

“HZ has given me opportunities I could not have wished for”

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Tourism Management

“Entrepreneurship is what attracts me the most.”

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Tourism Management

“I am currently doing a mangement trainee.”

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Mo Sulu

International Business

“I received the opportunity for an internship at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris France.”

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Civil Engineering

“I took part in the Honours Programme, where I had the opportunity to broaden my understanding of the present-day state of the world.”

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Logistics Engineering

“The knowledge I acquire is real hands-on experience based, that Ic an use when applying for a job.”

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International Business

“I started my own company a sustainability consultancy in St. Maarten called Think Green Consultancy”

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Feny Yi

Summer School Delta Challenges

“It was a great opportunity to get in-depth knowledge of delta areas and also experience living and working in them. ”

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Wang Lang

Summer School Delta Challenges

“Next to the theoretical lectures we had at the university, we visited companies and factories.”

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International Business

“I still love to visit Vlissingen at once a month”

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