The Supervisory Board supervises the Executive Board’s policy making and the general course of affairs at HZ. In addition, they assist the Executive Board with advice and support. The Sector Code Governance HBO applies to these activities.

Current composition of the Supervisory Board

The current Supervisory Board consists of Mr. A.J.G. Poppelaars (chairman), Mrs. Dr. S. Menendez (vice-chairman), Mr. J. Kloet, Mr. E. de Ruijsscher, Mr. F. Verhagen RA and Mrs. J.K.Brakels. Mr. M. de Klerk is secretary of the Supervisory Board and can be reached by telephone on 06-537 306 93 or by e-mail at

Profile and objective background determination

A profile and a summary of the objective background determination is available for the Supervisory Board members.

Member appointment

The members of the Supervisory Board are appointed on the basis of their CV in relation to profile characteristics. This has been determined objectively.

Term of office and resignation

The members of the Supervisory Board are appointed for a specific term of office. The members resign within a specified period.

Declaration of Independence

The HBO Governance Industry Code, the Articles of Association of the HZ University of Applied Sciences Foundation and the HZ Administrative and Management Regulations require that the members of the Supervisory Board respect each other, the Executive Board and without any partial interest operate independently and account for it. HZ has drawn up a declaration of independence to this end. All members of the Supervisory Board signed this declaration of independence upon joining. The Declaration of Independence can be read here.


The Supervisory Board evaluates its own performance annually. This is recorded in the annual report.

Meeting schedule Supervisory Board and Executive Board

The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board of HZ consult each other regularly. See the meeting schedule for 2022and 2023.

Remuneration Reports

Read the main points of the remuneration report here.