HZ University of Applied Sciences respects the privacy of visitors, students, employees and relations, who are involved in the education and research at HZ and the services that HZ provides. HZ University of Applied Sciences only processes personal data to the extent that these are necessary for the proper fulfillment of its duties as a Dutch higher education institution.

HZ does not provide personal data to third parties, unless the legislator so requires or unless the person whose data is processed gives permission for this him/herself. If HZ uses external service providers for the performance of tasks, HZ requires of these external service providers or processors to comply with the legal framework for the protection of personal data in equal measure.

HZ ensures proper protection of all personal data by taking suitable organisational measures and the use of modern technical IT facilities.

HZ has appointed a data protection officer for the independent supervision of the protection of personal data. This official is included in the register of the Dutch Data Protection Authority and fulfills the tasks as this Board has established. HZ has reported all personal data to be processed by this official.

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