Study programmes



Chemistry is all about experimenting, researching and analysing. Ensure diseases are no longer life-threatening, or solve murder cases based on DNA analyses. Do you help drive the world forward? This study programme offers a four-year and a three-year track.

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / english / Middelburg

Civil Engineering

Are you interested in building bridges, ports, locks or dikes? With the Civil Engineering study programme, you are trained to become a technical expert in road construction and hydraulics.

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / english / Middelburg

Exchange programmes

A study abroad can be a lifelong advantage. Our exchange programmes give students a taste of what studying in the Netherlands is like.

Exchange / NL

Global Project and Change Management

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable world and are you looking for an international challenge? Then the bachelor Global Project & Change Management is for you!

Full time / 4 years / english / Middelburg

Industrial Engineering & Management

The course Industrial Engineering & Management teaches you how to use technology, management and economy in such a way that you will be able to improve production processes or to make organizations profitable or more sustainable.

Full time / 4-year track / english / Middelburg

Information and Communication Technology

Watching a series on Netflix, sending a payment request through PayPal, chatting on WhatsApp or checking in with your public transport card: all this is possible thanks to IT!

Full time / 4 years / english / Middelburg

International Business

Start your international career with the International Business programme at HZ.

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / english / Vlissingen

Logistics Engineering

The Logistics Engineering course will teach you everything about all different modes of transport, whether it concerns people or distribution. Would you like to work anywhere in the world?

Full time / 4-year track / english / Vlissingen

River Delta Development (MSc)

The English-taught Master’s programme River Delta Development is a unique joint degree offered by three universities of applied sciences with complementing expertise in the field of water: HZ University of Applied Sciences (coastal regions), Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (river systems), and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (urban water).

Full time / 18 months / english / Middelburg/Velp/Rotterdam

Summer School Delta Challenges

Delta’s are the regions in the world where most human activities take place and which are most vulnerable for the effects of climate change. During the HZ Summer School, this three week programme will focus on the challenges of living and working in a Delta Area.

Courses / 3 weeks / EN / Vlissingen

Tourism Management

Can you think beyond borders? The English-language Tourism Management bachelor, where you'll become a pioneer within the tourism and hospitality industry, will be a perfect match for you!

Full time / 4-year track / english / Vlissingen

Tourism Management Associate degree

Can you think beyond borders? Is discovering new destinations and cultures something you really love? Are you a traveller and interested in a healthy lifestyle, gastronomy trends and developments in leisure industries? Then this Associate degree is perfect for you!

Full time / 2 year / EN / Vlissingen

Water Management

Water is one of the most important substances on Earth. It is essential to many of the things we need and enjoy in life: food, transport and recreation, but managing it can also pose some serious challenges. Around the world water managers contend with droughts, floods, sea level rise, over fishing, pollution, plastic soup and many other risks to both our natural environment and our society. We need water managers to safeguard our future!

Full time / 3 or 4-year track / english / Middelburg