If you have been selected by your home university to study one or two semesters at the HZ, you may start your application by registering through our online application procedure. Please follow the procedure carefully to make sure your application is registered.

The following documents are required with your application:

All above mentioned documents must be in one of the following languages: Dutch, English, Spanish, French or German. If this is not the case, you have to upload an official sworn translation in one of these languages.

Immigration information

Depending your nationality you may require a visa and/or a residence permit. The HZ student office will apply for these documents on your behalf after the application process is complete.
Read more about study visa and residence permit.


If you are an exchange student interested in studying at HZ, we advise you to first contact the Exchange Coordinator of your home university. For any inquiries on our exchange programmes, feel free to contact our International Office.
E-mail Evelien (Incoming Exchange Students Officer)