Contributing to a better world

Gandhi once said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. It is that mindset that makes the HZ see it as its duty to provide innovative education and research to contribute to a better world. And, in this context, by ‘better’ we mean ‘more sustainable’. Because if the world of today is facing one challenge that education and research can play a major role in, it is sustainability.

How do we get started?

In what way can our students and professionals contribute to a better society in relation to companies, institutes, governments, and civilians? That is the question we want to work on. Read more about it in our Institutional Plan.

In the HZ Institutional Plan, you can read more about our mission/vision, ambitions and core values. We are proud of the fact that the plan is the product of a close collaboration with our internal and external stakeholders.

HZ Institutional Plan 2022-2027 | Contributing to a better world

Complete plan | HZ Institutional Plan 2022-2027 | Contributing to a better world

The HZ contributes to a better world… educating higher professional education professionals as the personal University of Applied Sciences;, as University of Applied Sciences and together with partners, finding solutions for questions in the field of water, energy, and vitality;, as a regional partner for the Zeeland Delta, supporting the developments in the region.

With the Institutional Plan, the HZ clarifies what our students, employees, partners, and other stakeholders can expect from us. We have expressed this in four ambitions:

  • We are educator of professionals for a world in transition
  • We are valued institute in the area of water, energy, and vitality
  • We are the partner for social missions in our region
  • We are vibrant community for all parties

With this HZ leadership profile we want to implement the personal university of applied sciences and make the HZ agile and future-proof. And above all we want to be an enjoyable workplace!