Soak up the salty sea air. After all, one of the advantages of studying in Zeeland is that the beach is always close by. But also studying in Vlissingen or Middelburg: cosy towns where there is always something to do.

Affordable sports & culture

You can play sports for less through HZ Sport. Sport at a discount with the HZ Sports Card or take part in one of the many activities. Go to film, music and theatre screenings for a discount or go on a city trip with HZ Cult.

HZ Cult is a unique cultural programme with more than 60 activities specially compiled for students of HZ University of Applied Sciences, University College Roosevelt, Scalda and secondary schools in Zeeland. Film, music and theatre performances, city trips and specially tailored programmes are available to all secondary schools, mbo and hbo in Zeeland. By participating in the HZ Cult programme, you also get a hefty discount!

Ticket sales
Tickets for HZ Cult's programme can be bought in the webshop at:

HZ Sport is the sports association of the HZ. Outside of classes, members can take part in weekly sports activities. We also organise fun sports tournaments every month. This way, you meet students from other courses and stay sporty.

Student associations

Want to make new friends fast? Then a student association is definitely for you. Throughout the year, they organise cool activities. HZ has 3 student association

Aqua ad Vinum organises the best themed parties and activities all year round. From paintballing to beer tastings and from a camp in the snow to the weekly drink in the Society. Something for everyone! Sociëteit de Dop of Aqua ad Vinum is located in the back of Tripel where you are welcome 3 times a week for a drink and a chat.

Intro camp

We start the school year off right, with our well-known intro camp. Here, we play the coolest games to get to know your fellow students and go out in the nicest pubs in Vlissingen. Do you want to kick off the school year with a bang and make friends for life? Then sign up for the introcamp!

Keep a close eye on our Facebook, Instagram and website and drop by to sample the atmosphere.

Marum Bibio is known for its parties and events. Marum Bibio has its own social club above café Bellamy where the door is open five days a week for a drink and a chat. Don't forget the fun Happen & Stappen and the incredible Sunset Cruise. Check out their website, Facebook page, Instagramor download Marum Bibio's app from the Appstore or Google play.

Student association Aquila, founded in 2021, is Middelburg's first student social club and is the place to make your student time the best time of your life. Aquila is known for its traditional get-togethers and organises big events with other student associations in Zeeland. In addition, equality is central, so that you make a perfect start in Middelburg!

Want to become a member?

Do you want to get more out of your student time and are you looking for an association with friendships, get-togethers and events? Then student association Aquila is for you! Follow our Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with our events!

Need a (side) job?

Enjoying your student life and doing fun things? Then it's handy if you earn some extra money. The Work Zone, HZ's temporary employment agency, can help you find a job. We have a wide range of jobs, both temporary and permanent, that you can easily combine with your studies.

Current overview of vacancies