09 Dec

Purple Friday | campfire talk workshop

During the Campfire Conversation 'What is it like to be you' on Friday 9 December, you will have the real conversation with each other and become aware of all perspectives around diversity. Together we gather collective wisdom about how and when you feel at home within HZ and what diversity means to you. Together we talk about making the step from SafeSpace to BraveSpace! An environment where everyone is allowed to be themselves.

09 Dec

Purple Friday | lunch lecture

Join this special lunch lecture with HZ student Fee: 'I feel free to be who I want to be'.

09 Dec

SDG Lunch Lecture | Football: Just a game?

Can football ever just be about football?

12 Jan

SDG Purpose College | How do you make 'a positive impact'

How can you be positively impactful within your company, but also as an entrepreneur? Elske Doets, Business Woman of the Year 2017 and entrepreneur, as well as founder of the Young Lady Business Academy is happy to take you through her vision.