Don't have a suitable diploma to be admitted to a study programme? Then you do not meet the admission requirements. You can then take an admission test. This is also called the 21+ test and officially "colloquium doctum". You must be at least 21 years old when you start the programme. You can take this entrance alternative entrance exam for all study programmes at HZ. The 21+ test is administered by Aob Compaz. This is an independent research agency in Rotterdam. The 21+ test is not conducted by HZ itself.

For who?

This inquiry is intended for students who wish to pursue a bachelor's degree but do not have the right qualifications (Dutch: HAVO or MBO level 4). This recommendation can be used when you register for the programme of your choice . When you pass the exam with a good result, it provides you with a recommendation on the feasibility of your chosen programme. We would advice you to make timely inquiries whether the programme of your choice has specific requirements.


The recommendation indicates whether your intellectual abilities and personal skills are adequate for pursuing a programme at college level (HBO in Dutch). Note that within this recommendation, specific creative abilities are not taken in consideration.

What does the 21+ test cost?

To take the test, you have to pay a fee. You can find the height of this fee at Aob Compaz.

Practising the 21+ test

The entrance examination consists of an ability test and a personality questionnaire. No school subjects are tested. You cannot study for it. However, you can practise through the Aob Compaz website.

Go to the website of Aob Compaz