At HZ, you can count on guidance and help whenever you need it. The Student Success Centre's student buddies are happy to give you tips and advice. There are also various professionals you can turn to in case of problems. Do you have a condition or limitation or another reason why you need extra support? If so, our personal college is the right place for you. Read more about it below.

Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre is a meeting place for and by HZ students. Student buddies are there to help you with advice, tips and training. The Student Success Centre works closely together with various professionals to ensure that you can successfully and enjoy your studies and feel at home in a vibrant community.

Studying with support need

At HZ, every student gets the chance to develop their talent. Education must then be accessible to everyone. Do you have a physical disability, hearing or sight problems, dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD, a form of autism, are you gifted or highly gifted, are you suffering from depression or chronic pain? Or do you experience any social, physical and/or mental barriers to education in any other way? HZ offers support and facilities to suit your question or need.

Beginning in your first year with the HZ, you will be assigned a personal study career coach to assist with mapping out your individual study plan. This is extremely helpful because at this stage you may not be fully aware of all possibilities available to help reach your goals. As you progress in in your studies, you will gradually make decisions independently but your personal coach is always available for advice.

In addition to guidance provided by your study career coach, HZ also offers an on-campus Student Counselling Bureau for any personal matter. Consisting of counsellors and a student psychologist. It is a point of contact for guidance, support, advice and information. Here you will find trusted representatives for complaints and any problems you may encounter. You can find an overview of counsellors here.

The student psychologist helps you with psychosocial problems that may affect your studies. Psychosocial problems include stress, fear of failure, fear of exams, presentation anxiety, gloom, sadness, lack of self-confidence, problems in the home situation, eating problems, loneliness, grieving and loss and self-injury. You can also take various courses through the student psychologist.

HZ has its own language coach who can help you improving your writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. Insufficient mastery of these skills can negatively influence your study progress. Individual language coaching is a HZ service and is free for students.

Within HZ, we strive for a safe and pleasant learning environment. This excludes undesirable behavior, such as sexual harassment, sexual intimidation, aggression, violence, bullying or discrimination. In the unlikely event that you do encounter such issues, you can contact the person of trust. He or she will listen to you and give advice on how to reach a solution. The advisor is independent and always treats your information confidentially.

HZ attempts to provide extra support to students who practice top-level sports. For example, by providing extra guidance, a customised timetable or an extension of the submission dates of reports. Are you a top athlete and do you want to use these regulations? Then contact the top sports coordinator Marian de Waard via

Are you diagnosed with autism, and could you use extra support with your studies? For example, with keeping track and working on group assignments? HZ has an autism coach who can guide you.

HZ has a coach for gifted and highly gifted students. The coach can help you if you struggle to stay motivated in your studies or if you fail to connect with your class or teachers.