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At HZ University of Applied Sciences, we conduct a great deal of practice-based research. The main focus is on questions from the professional field. The issues are examined by professors, teacher-researchers, professionals and students. The knowledge acquired provides new insights that can lead to innovations and new products for the work field.

Because the HZ researches issues from the professional field, the university has strong ties with professional practice. As a result, education is enriched with current knowledge from the field. During their research, students form an image of the field and build up a professional network. Moreover, they develop an inquisitive attitude. In this way, students are trained to become the young professionals that the professional field demands.

Water, energy and vitality
The HZ is situated in a unique location, in the middle of a delta area. All questions have a link to the delta. The research HZ conducts focuses primarily on the themes of water, energy and vitality, both of people and of organizations and of the economy and society. In addition, a significant amount of research is carried out in the fields of food and biobased economy. The HZ has chosen these themes because they have a major social, regional and even global impact. For example, research is being conducted into coastal defence, water quality and coastal tourism.

All researchers at the HZ adhere to the 'Code of conduct for scientific integrity'. You can find it here.

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A selection of our practice-based projects.

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Research groups

A great deal of practice-based research is carried out at the HZ. The issues are examined by professors, teacher-researchers, professionals from the field and students. They are connected to seventeen research groups.

Research based on 5 themes

Our research groups carry out research based on 5 different themes: water, food, vitality, energy and biobased solutions. Click on the theme to see research groups and projects connected

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