Would you like to go deeper into a particular area within your studies? Or have you always wanted to do something special, such as learn an additional foreign language? A minor will give you the opportunity to broaden or deepen your knowledge. Having a specific minor on your CV can also give you an advantage with employers.

A minor is an essential part of studying at a university of applied sciences and is usually taken in the third or fourth year. It consists of 30 credits and aims to deepen or broaden your knowledge and skills. In a deepening minor, you specialise in a specific aspect of your future profession, while a broadening minor focuses on more general topics relevant to your future career.

Choosing a minor from HZ

The HZ has a varied range of minors. In full-time or part-time, in English or Dutch, for both students from the HZ and students from other universities of applied sciences.

Minor from another Dutch university of applied sciences

Are you studying at another Dutch university of applied sciences and would you like to take this minor at HZ? Then register via Kies op Maat.

Students from our international partner universities

Being an exchange student at HZ offers you the opportunity to be a part of our practice-oriented programmes while experiencing the Dutch way of life. If If you would like to experience the international atmosphere at HZ, contact one of your exchange coordinators at your home institute.

Minor abroad

Broaden your horizons with a minor abroad. The HZ has an excellent network for living and studying in another country for a semester.

Featured minors

Some of the minors on offer

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Offshore Renewable Energy

You learn about the developments in renewable energy at sea and do projects on wind and tidal energy and the energy transition.

Minor Applied Data Sciences

Applied Data Science

You learn about machine learning and deep learning and participate in a project where data science can provide an answer or solution.

HZ Studio

In co-creation with others you bring innovation to real life projects by applying design thinking or applied research.