Not only in Zeeland's municipalities, but also outside Zeeland, asset management tools and data science are underused in the management of sewers and pumping stations.

Combining asset management and data science, Riobase aims to provide validated action perspectives for operators to make the management of their sewer systems more effective and efficient. Mutual cooperation for knowledge development, information sharing, planning and experience are central to this.

Appropriate instruments
In the project, a draft framework with appropriate tools for asset management was developed with the managers. This is being tested in the municipalities of Reimerswaal and Veere. Then there is a second round in two other municipalities. The result of these tests is a validated framework with tools that works in a small municipality and enables managers to carry out risk-driven and data-driven sewer management. The framework also includes a (geo)visualisation with static and dynamic data to support mutual decision-making.

Education and practice
The research feeds into teaching at HZ's Civil Engineering and Water Management programmes, Data Science Track of HBO-ICT and Technical Business Administration.

An example of translation into professional practice is a practical training course for administrators. The results can also be used by administrators in other municipalities of similar scale.