Mischa Beckers

Mischa Beckers

Mischa Beckers is a Data Science lector and affiliated with the HBO-ICT program at HZ.

Data science is a research process that supports data-driven decision making. Mischa integrates this process into teaching and research. In doing so, he collaborates with colleagues, students and clients from both HBO-ICT and other departments within HZ and beyond.
In 1997, Mischa received his PhD from Radboud University in Nijmegen on the application of chemometrics in structural analysis of biomacromolecules. Chemometrics covers many aspects from Data Science including statistics, data mining and machine learning and software engineering.
Mischa then worked at Kluwer Academic Publishers as an Electronic Publishing Specialist on innovative applications based on Natural Language Processing and text mining. He has been at HZ since 2005 and has held various positions and roles: lecturer, lecturer-researcher, project leader of the ICT research group, program coordinator and had a prominent role in curriculum development and accreditations.



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