What do you learn at the study programme International Business at HZ?

"In general you learn the key concepts and courses, such as finance, economics, company profile, export management and market research."

Which study track do you follow?

"The study track I follow is the study track with one language. This language is Dutch. Knowing the language of the country you're in is very beneficial in terms of communication. As I grow as a professional and start looking for jobs it will be much more easier for me in terms of networking. Having a second language in your study helps you shape your mind. You get to know different cultures besides the language itself. You take a deeper step and a deeper dive into someone's culture and you understand how people move and how people function. This helps you in the sense of communicating and coming to a level ground."

What would you like to do for work?

"Eventually I'd like to be the CEO of my own company. Through International Business I'm learning the steps and skills that are necessary to fulfil that. I would like to start my company here in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. The market here is really good. Eventually I would like to expand my business globally. In that way it really becomes international business."

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