"My name is Alexandra, I am from Romania and I graduated from the International Business Bachelor programme at HZ University of Applied Sciences."

Why did you decide to study at HZ?

“I lived in Belgium for 4 years and I used to come to the beach here in Vlissingen with my family. So I was quite acquainted with the city and the area.”

What is it like to study in Zeeland, the Netherlands?

"It was always my dream to live by the sea and Zeeland is a coastline province. It is a beautiful area, calm, full of tiny villages and cities that are cozy and give you that welcoming feeling."

Tell us about the internships during your studies?

"An internship is a real life experience of what working life is. Unexpected situations can appear any time and you need to be flexible enough to cope with everything in a professional manner. My graduation internship was at Medisol B.V. an independent supplier of AEDs and other accessories needed for the successful delivery of CPR. It was a great experience. I would opt for it again! The company is situated in Vlissingen. The company was great. You were not just an intern or an employee but part of a family. My thesis was about their AED maintenance services, therefore I worked with the maintenance department."

What are your best memories?

"My best memories? Hmm, I have many of them so it would be hard to choose. Apart from the countless parties where I got the chance to meet many extraordinary people and the simple fact of living here and shaping myself in the person I am today, one of the best memories would be the moment when I graduated. It felt like a long desired accomplishment which proved that hard work pays off. Also at Medisol, where I have been working since my graduation, my co-workers, who became valuable friends, surprised me with presents and decorations for my birthday. It just showed once again that you are not just a number, but you are a person, a family member."

What are you doing now after your studies?

"After graduation, I was offered a job at Medisol which I gladly accepted."

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