I started studying at the HZ University in 2014 as an International Business student.

From the beginning I enjoyed the mix of cultures in our small classes. It allowed me to get personalised advice from my teachers to progress rapidly. Furthermore, I was really happy to immediately learn about real business cases and to connect with the business environment rather than only being involved with theoretical learning.

During my second year in Vlissingen I joined the Student Ambassador Team. It was a great opportunity for me to develop my presentation skills and to be part of a group of international students enthusiastic to share their experiences at HZ.

When it came to my third year, I had the chance to study a semester in Seoul, South Korea where I deepened my financial and geopolitical knowledge in addition to having a great cultural experience.

After my minor, I joined EMOTA, the European eCommerce and Omni-Channel Trade Association, in Brussels. The role of EMOTA is to promote the position of eCommerce companies to European Institutions. I spent a great time at this association learning about eCommerce, European law and the functioning of European Institutions.

After my last theoretical semester at HZ, I did my graduation internship at Drink it Fresh in Brussels. This gave me the opportunity to become an international business and sales developer.

HZ has given me opportunities I could not have wished for. In the past years I lived in no less than four countries, on two different continents, went from a global city, to the European centre, to the small but international Vlissingen.

I am now studying a MIB (Master of International Business) at Grenoble Ecole de Management, in France, one of the best European business schools and I aim to become a manager in an international organisation within the next couple years.