What was the best part of your studies at HZ?
In my second year, besides the lectures I was following and the student company we had to manage, I took part in the best extracurricular activity I could wish for. Indeed, I was selected to be part of the Honours programme and together with a classmate, we conducted a field research project about the transition from conventional agriculture to agro ecology which took us to Costa Rica for 6 weeks.

So, your studies took you international?
Yes and not only to Costa Rica. In my third year I studied one semester in Chile and I did my graduation internship back home in France and worked in the marketing department of the Retail company Auchan.

How was it to study at HZ?
At HZ University of Applied Sciences I studied international Business and Languages. But beside the great lecturers and activities I soon got involved in the university activities by being a member of the board of studies of my Bachelor Programme and by being part of the student ambassadors team. Hereby I had the chance to meet people from the four corners of the world, to build a network and to make lifetime friendships.

How do you look back at your time at HZ?
I would say that being a student at HZ has brought me the needed competences and skills to understand the business world, but it has also helped me to blossom, to be more open-minded, fearless of the unknown and to find my way and what I want to do with my life.

What are you up to today?
After my bachelor I got accepted to the United Nation mandated University (University for Peace) and am following a Master program in Responsible Management and Social Economic Development. I am sure I couldn't have been accepted to this University if HZ didn't play a major role in the process of shaping the person I became.

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