We all know, or at least have been told, how great life is as a student: independence, parties, friends, more parties and more friends. But can you actually enjoy the student life in a 40,000 people town? The answer is definitely YES! From my almost two years of experience I can tell you that there is much to do in Vlissingen besides your studies.

{{cta('30a4814a-06da-4e0d-bb64-7cf51ed09081','justifycenter')}}Where to go
Let’s start by mentioning that Vlissingen is located in one of the nicest areas in the Netherlands where, when the weather allows, you can have a great time at the beach. Many parties and BBQs are organized (mainly by students) at the end and the beginning of the school year when the sun is out and temperatures are above 15 degrees (the weather is actually nicer than you think). However, during autumn/winter season it's also a great "chilling" spot with friends and sunsets.

Another cool place where you can go to relax, study (let’s not forget that we are students), or simply have a coffee, is the library in the city center that many of the students don’t know about. It is an optional choice for group projects and meetings besides the HZ facilities. Most of the “best attractions” are located in the heart of Vlissingen - in Bellamy park you’ll find a variety of nice restaurants and cafés with terraces and great atmospheres. In that same square there are also some pubs that, for instance, offer live music on Wednesdays or host parties by student associations on Thursdays and are also a great option for a beer with friends.

What to join
As I just mentioned, there are student associations such as HZ Sport or HZ Cult to join extra-curricular activities, but there are also other associations that host parties every week like FISA, if you are looking for a fun-party-crazy time! FISA is an organization run by international students that throw themed parties almost every week, where you’ll find music of all kinds, meet people from all around the world and have the best nights as a student! They also organise trips, workshops and events where a fun time is 100% guaranteed!

For those who prefer other places to hang out, Vlissingen has an aquarium next to its casino in “Het Arsenaal” and is a great choice if you’re looking for a good time with your friends playing pool or arcade games. However, if you are not into parties and nights out, Vlissingen counts with a variety of fitness centers and gyms so you can stay in shape!

How to balance it all
It is important to remember that the main purpose of being here as a student is the development in your career, but it’s also important to take breaks, spend some outdoor time and meet up with friends. If you organise your time wisely and don’t leave work for the last day, you will for sure be able to enjoy your studies, make it to parties and meet-ups and make your days as a student unforgettable. I always say that Vlissingen has just the right size for a student-life town - it has a relaxing and calm atmosphere since there’s not too much craziness going on so you can focus on your studies, and you can get everywhere within 10 minutes but still can enjoy the perks of student life as any other big city.

We all know or at least have been told how great life is as a student. It for sure has its ups and downs and not everything turns out to be as we planned; it is a new adventure, a new lifestyle and a new home. It might even be a bit overwhelming at some point but hold on there because these are the best years of your life and you have to make the best out of your student life!


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