Oh hello there! Yes you, the one reading! What’s up? Are you thinking what to do when you graduate high school? Well, I might have a solution for you! Talk to an ambassador! I am an ambassador at HZ. Yeah, I know…it does sound fancy; the ambassadors are here to help you make a good decision regarding your future studies.

How does an ambassador help you?
Ambassadors…. if you do not have an idea of what that is, then let me tell you; it is a person that represents something, for instance a state, country or organization. That’s indeed what my job is. I am from Romania and I represent HZ University of Applied Sciences at study fairs. In Romania I go to study fairs where I advise prospective students about their study, I inform them about the university and I share my own experience. Moreover, every year the university holds three Open Days, where prospective students can visit HZ. And that’s the time when we work again. During the Open Days we spend the day with the prospective students, we show them the city and we try to make them part of the university for a day, we answer their questions and we try to support them in their decision making. If you have any questions about study programs, student life or how do you apply, then we are the people you would like to contact. By sharing our own experience, we can give you the most realistic view of what university really means. In addition, being an ambassador does not only mean work. As an ambassador we have the opportunity to meet tons of new people, we show the prospective students the town, we have dinner together and, the best part, we party!

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Furthermore, as an ambassador I do not only socialize with the prospective students that come to visit the university, but also with:

  • my fellow members of the ambassadors team through various, fun activities organized by either the university or even by us
  • parents of the students who I meet at the study fairs, that want to help their kids make the best decision regarding their future.

Why becoming a student ambassador?
Why did I join this team? Because it’s fun, because I wanted to socialize and help other people see the beauty behind this university. I recently came back from some fairs in Romania, and, to be honest, I never experienced something like this before. There is a special feeling when people from a previous fair come to see how you’ve been doing, to thank you for all the explanations you gave them and to tell you that they already registered for the next Open Day. Representing my university for a fair is something I would do without hesitation anytime.

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Once you are a student, how do you become an ambassador?
But now, let’s get to the serious part. How do you become a student ambassador, once you have the expierence of chosing a study programme and you are a student yourself? Serious question, but not hard. Start by searching for the coordinator of the ambassador’s team and ask for a position. You only need 3 things:

  • a CV
  • a motivational letter
  • the ENERGETIC and ENTHUSIASTIC side of you

Well, I tried to keep it short but I hope you have a clear view of what an ambassador is, how an ambassador can help you make a decision about your program and how you can become an ambassador as soon as you are a student.

As I mentioned, I love meeting new people, so if you have questions or if you would like to talk with me, let me know. See you soon!

Would you like to get in contact with me or other ambassadors? Fill out the form 'talk to an study advisor' and get in touch with us.

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