HZ offers all kinds of opportunities for ambitious students like yourself. We like you to excel at your studies and learn more than is required to get your degree. This will not only give your CV and career an early boost, it will also give you invaluable experiences. Our most prestigious project in this regard is, without a doubt, the Honours Programme.

Honours Programme
If you are ambitious and would like an extra challenge alongside your course, the Honours Programme may be perfect for you. It will give you the opportunity to further develop yourself, to broaden your knowledge and to gain experience in an international environment with students from the entire HZ.

Especially for ambitious high-achieving students
The Honours Programme is aimed at students who enjoy doing something extra in addition to their course and who feel socially involved. Participation is not a matter of course: to enter the programme, you have to excel at your studies. The process starts with a letter of application and a recommendation from the course you are following.

Part of the programme
In the Honours Programme, you will form a community together with other students as soon as you have been accepted. You will get to work on a social issue together, one which you can think of yourselves. It does not matter whether this is a national or international issue, it is up to you! You set up your own programme all by yourselves. Previous Honours Programmes have taken our students all over the world for research. Successful participation leads to an Honours certificate and a Letter of Recommendation for a continuation of your studies and/or for job applications. More information on the Honours programme is to be found online.

Once-in-a-lifetime experience
Participation in the Honours Programme is a once in a lifetime experience. Previous participants visited America, the Philippines and India for the project they had set up themselves. They are unanimously enthusiastic about the Honours Programme. You can check some of their reactions in these videos. And the good news is, if you work hard and apply yourself, you might be one of the next students to be admitted in this challenging programme!

Are you interested in the honours programme? Get in contact with me and i will get you in contact with students who joined the honours programme before.

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