Originally posted on 18/10/2016 Visiting ongoing projects is one way of making sure that the field you are studying is the one you want to follow for the rest of your life.

In the second year of Civil Engineering we have the Coastal Engineering course of where we learn about coastal processes and constructions. Designing a dike, developing a dredging project, building coastal defense structures are examples of this field of work.

But I wanted to know more about it. How do such projects work in reality? Gladly our university arranged a field day for our programme. Earlier this year we went to the city of Sluis, where the project Cadzand-Bad is taking place. This project is designed for safety purposes in the coastal area of Zeeland.


The main purpose of this project is to improve the protection of the coast by building a dam. However, when the project was presented to the local community, an interest in the development of a harbour bay in the area was brought up. As problem-solving professionals, the engineers developed a “Safer and more attractive Cadzand-bad”.


The project now involves the following:

  • construction of a defense dam
  • development of a yacht harbour with entertainment facilities
  • roofed parking spot facility
  • sand supply for the adjacent coast.

We visited the location when the bay was being dredged and the inside part of the dam was being finished. It was a great experience to see how all that works. Being in the field with the machinery and workers brings out the civil engineer in you!


Furthermore, each of us had our own questions that were answered by the construction manager and the teachers that joined the tour. Learning more about the structures was also a part of this experience. A more detailed view of a dam construction was shown in a table model in the temporary office at the site.


For more information of the vision of the project check the video. Although it’s in Dutch, it gives a good visual impression about the project.

Becoming a civil engineer is a process of learning and innovating. Discover, design and construct are the key words. This excursion clearly boosted my expectations over this profession and my further steps.

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