Hey! My name is Marcus from Germany and I enrolled for the Water Management programme in 2016. During my studies I realised what the benefits are of studying at HZ. Do you want to know my six benefits? Continue reading and find out!


  1. Small classes
    In Germany studying at university means you have lectures in large lecture halls, which usually have a capacity of around 500 students. But at HZ you get lectures in classrooms furnished for around 30 students. This ensures that the professors take the time to answer questions individual students may have, or repeat parts of the material that doesn’t sink in the first time. The lecturers know you by name, you’re not just a number in the system and if you need advice they will take their time for you.

  2. Practical focus
    The applied sciences part of HZ means you have many excursions and projects. HZ focuses on the practical aspects of theoretical knowledge. This means, that you constantly learn how to apply the theoretical knowledge taught in the lectures in your own assignments. As a HZ student you are supposed to take initiative and responsibility for your own actions. You have certain deadlines to meet but how you do that is up to you.
  1. Minor
    Our university of applied sciences has many partner universities. It has many connections with universities all around the globe. You have the opportunity to study one semester in another country and have that experience of new connections and, of course, you get the chance to travel to another continent and see new cultures. While you are abroad for your minor, you keep paying your tuition fees to HZ. So even when you go to one of the partner universities, which may have higher tuition fees, you’re not be affected by that.

  2. Internship
    During your internship you are in the position to experience the work field for five months. The study programme just asks that you will be going to a company related to your field of study and gain working experience by “looking over the shoulders of the professionals”. You have the freedom to choose the company yourself. That means, you can also go abroad and work in a company on another continent. And as long as your internship is of high quality and approved by HZ, you can make your personal internship decision.
  1. Strong community
    HZ offers several international study programmes. Therefore, many people from all over the world come together here. You meet lots of new people from different cultures, and hopefully make many new friends. Vlissingen is a small city located at the beach. Everybody knows everybody and every week several activities are planned by the students.

  2. Opportunities
    After your graduation you have endless opportunities with your Bachelor of Sciences. The diploma enables you to continue studying for a Master or start working in big international companies around the globe.

For me, these benefits are all worthwhile. Would you like to experience it yourself? {{cta('e39d802c-9c15-498e-913f-ae10a5c46dff')}}

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