As an international student, I have learned much more than if I had stayed in my home country. Are you wondering what studying abroad will bring you more than staying at home? Here are 6 learnings you will never have if you study at home!

1) Local culture

If you study in another country, get to know the local culture. You can start with the food. Try what people eat during their festivals. Involve in some traditions and celebrate festivals with the natives. Learn the language of the country. Understand local people’s habits, values, and opinions. Basically, live like a local person!

2) Learn about other cultures

If you study internationally, there will be students of other cultures as well. Learn how to approach different nations and communicate with them. Try dishes that are typical for their nation and share dishes from your country. Explore their culture, by getting to know their traditions and festivals. You are going to be surprised how much you can have in common with nations from across the world!

3) Accept differences

You are going to meet people with a different mindset, as they do not have the same cultural background as you. So instead of judging, accept that everyone is unique and people have their own stories. The world is really colourful and this makes it so interesting, right?

4) Get better at time management

You need to learn to plan your time, so that you get all of these tasks done. All those assignments, reading, projects and presentations need to be carefully prepared before the deadline. In addition, some more tasks: grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, socializing. Time management is the key to get it all done on time!

5) Become more organised

You need to organise your activities. Make schedules for cleaning, appointments for meeting with friends, plan your studying. Create a systemized agenda filled with all your duties. Organise your projects and prioritize the tasks for them. By organizing your life, you can easily plan the steps towards achieving your goals!

6) Develop into a more independent person

You are the one who says what you need to do and the one who controls the situation. The decisions depend on you and your critical thinking. You need to be able to handle everything that happens to you on your own. After all, you are your own boss now!

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