Oh no, not another list of 10 reasons to study abroad! There must be millions of these lists all over the internet. However, not so much from the eyes of a student. So go on, read along, I'll give you my honest top ten reasons to study abroad from my own experience studying abroad!

1 - Brain time!

Every country has their own way of teaching. That’s why when you study more than 10 years in one educational system, you will end up getting used to it (logically!). As a result, your brains also get used of working in one way. My personal experience in this is when you move to another country for studying, you notice a big (BIG) difference in the way of teaching. Conclusion: when the system of education changes, also your brain is challenged to change.

2 - Say ‘bye’ to your comfort zone

Living with parents, having friends since kindergarten, living in your native country... comfort zone! As comfortable and extremely convenient as it is: stop it. Now it's the time to snap out of it. In most cases, people who have studied abroad gained independence, maturity and life experience. It makes you stronger, when you face challenges and difficulties on your own. When you decided to make that life altering decision of studying abroad you will notice you'll gain a tremendous amount of life experience.

3 - The experiences

Learning a new language, meeting new people, discovering a new culture: all experiences of studying abroad. And it is amazing. It is extremely interesting to see how all countries are different and has its own habits. Moreover, when you travel to another country, the experience will be different from when you're actually living in it. You'll explore a whole new world when you decide to study abroad!

4 - Contacts all over the world

Living in your own country for all your life doesn't give you contacts all over the world, but studying abroad will. Studies usually take 4 years, and it is more than enough to make good friends from different countries. However, after university there will be a certain point when you and your friends have to go to different countries to work and live there. Yes, it's sad, but you can visit them! A good excuse to travel even more. Also, international friends can help when you're in search of a job in their home country.


Yes, we love our parents. They're the nicest people in the world. But a little bit of freedom, discover who you are and what you want, is also nice. Studying abroad can be a good way to get this freedom. Plus, it's s a win-win situation for both sides: parents will be happy that their child is highly motivated to study and you'll get your much wanted freedom. So, if you are slightly tired of being controlled all the time, you know what to do.

6 - Appreciation of family and home

When you “lose” something, you start to appreciate it. Living with your family makes you take things for granted sometimes. Or you don't even pay attention to everything your mother or father do for you. However, when you start living on your own you start to miss and appreciate small details. For example, when your mother cooks your favourite meal, does your laundry or cleans up your stuff after you. Studying abroad is a great opportunity to realize how precious small things are and to become an independent human being.

7 - Money management

Studying abroad is the opportunity to obtain very useful life skills and not only how-to-drink-and-party-all-night skills. When you start living on your own you start noticing that items such as paper towels or soap do not magically appear in your house, and you actually need to purchase them. That’s why it's important to learn how to control your budget as soon as possible. So, when you'll learn it during university, you will not have this problem later.

8 - Becoming a citizen of the world

Borders are only made up by human beings. Studying in a different country makes you realize this. You're not just limited to the place you were born. Understanding that you can live, work and study wherever you want is the ultimate freedom and it's awesome! Becoming a world citizen means you're not just French, Russian, Spanish or Chinese anymore, it means you can live without a problem anywhere in the world! Becoming a world citizen means no borders and boundaries, awesome right?

9 - English - YES!

A lot of universities abroad offer their study programmes in English. It's really good for you to study in English and not only in your own language. Why? English is the first, and most spoken world language. Millions and millions of people can communicate in English. With choosing an English-based university or study programme you will also broaden your own opportunities. You will not only be able to work in organisations that use your language, but also in international companies. After all, you're able to speak perfect, professional English. You'll also have a lot more freedom to choose a country to work in.

10 - Make your resume AWESOME

Mentioning you have studied abroad says a lot about you in your resume. It will catch an employers eye, because it show you dared to go out of your comfort zone. It shows that you are an open-minded person, curious and passionate about new cultures, languages and countries. And who wouldn't hire someone like that?

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