When you work in higher professional education, you get some sustainable employability hours per year when you have a permanent contract. These are hours that you can use in different ways to develop yourself. For example, Brigitte de Bruyckere, Nursing teacher, went to Rajasthan in India for two weeks for the Edukans World Teacher project. 

Educational issues in India
“I used my hours for the Edukans World Teacher project. Edukans works with local NGOs from developing countries who have questions about education. Together with a group of World teachers and students of Primary Education, I stayed in India for two weeks where we worked on such an educational question. It was nice to see how people from different generations work together and that everyone is appreciated for his or her expertise.

I learnt a lot from this project, and it offered me added value to be able to work for a good cause and to be in a completely different world.”