Participating in real-life projects during my study

Being an international student at HZ has played a very important role in my personal and professional development - I started my Civil Engineering studies in 2014 and I experienced and learned many different and exciting things throughout my four years at university. I had two years of lectures, inspired by teachers from different sectors of the professional field. I was busy with a variety of real-life projects  which challenge student teams to be proactive and learn how to ask the right questions and where to get the answers to those.

Honours Programme
In addition to my studies, I took part in the Honours Programme, where I had the opportunity to broaden my understanding of the present-day state of the world, and engage with a topic that was out of the scope of my technical studies. Together with 7 other students I performed research on self-organizing groups and spent two months in Ghana investigating the matter. Not only did I meet some incredible and ambitious students from other study programs, but I was also inspired by the mentors of the project.

Following that, I completed a 6-month internship in an international Dutch based company working on offshore projects for a variety of structures. This is where my passion for the offshore industry started and was a pivoting moment in my development as I decided to continue to learn more about this sector and pursue a career there and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to be exposed to this sector that I was not considering at all previously. I also spent a semester of my third year in Thailand, which was another opportunity for me to explore the world and really influenced me personally as I was exposed to a completely different culture which made me challenge my beliefs.

At the end of my studies I completed a research regarding the integrity of the foundations of offshore windmills, combining my lifelong passion for sustainable development in the form of renewable energy sources and my professional interest in offshore structures. I am grateful for the time I spent at HZ - it was challenging, dynamic and full of different opportunities resulting from hard work and led me to entering the workforce at an international company here in the Netherlands. 



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