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Resilient Deltas

The research group Resilient Deltas conducts practice-based research into how to design a delta area as safe as possible and how to use the power of society, government and business for a vital and resilient delta.

Resilient Deltas examines the relationship between land use, social capital, the economy and the vital infrastructure of delta regions. It also takes a closer look at the governance of water safety and area development processes, so that an integrated picture emerges. Based on this insight, the research group is looking for a dynamic balance that will enable society in delta regions to develop in a resilient, vital and safe manner.

The research project of the same name investigated how resilient a community is after a disaster, such as a flood. The research group also investigated the professional and the self-reliant community. This research provided an insight into available scientific knowledge about self-reliance, the motivation of citizens for self-reliance and tools for professionals to fulfil the changing professional role in a self-reliant society.

The research group works together with parties such as Safety Region Zeeland, the province, Rijkswaterstaat Sea & Delta and municipalities