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Vincent Bax


Vincent Bax graduated in 2015 from the master´s program in Environmental Sciences at the Wageningen University. In the years that followed he gained experience as researcher and lecturer at Universidad de Ciencias y Humanidades (Peru) and as consultant at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (Colombia). Here, his work mainly focused on analyzing the interactions between biodiversity loss and economic activities in tropical forest regions. This included fieldwork with isolated communities in the Amazon to understand how their livelihoods affect, and are affected by, ecosystem change dynamics. He also developed spatial modeling approaches to examine land-use change processes in the Tropical Andes and propose candidate areas for biodiversity conservation measures.

Vincent joined the Building with Nature research group of HZ University of Applied Sciences in April 2020 as researcher/lecturer in human geography. His current research focuses on how nature-based approaches to coastal resilience are perceived by society and how we could best implement them to prepare for some of the pressing socio-ecological challenges that lie ahead.