This project approaches the development of flood protection strategies as a spatial issue, investigating linking area assignments, application of levee concepts based on Building with Nature (BmN), and developing public support for major landscape changes, through four research questions focusing on:

  • Spatial quality landscape and consistency with support for spatial strategies;
  • Physical and ecological boundary conditions for BmN solutions and incorporation into spatial strategies;
  • Drivers and barriers to support through participatory design processes;
  • Guidelines for development of spatial strategies, both for spatial design and the design process.

The research is elaborated for the Westerschelde, switching between two spatial scales: the Westerschelde (basin-level) and living labs (at three locations). A mix of methods is applied including surveys (Public Participation GIS), interviews, GIS analyses, modelling of BmN co-growth solutions (Delft3D-FM), and evaluation of the 'social learning process' in research-through-design design workshops.

The research results in a methodology/method that can be applied by public professionals in (leveed) coastal areas from 2026 (after the end of current Sea Level Rise Knowledge Programme).

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Building with Nature

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