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Ecological resilience

Biodiversity loss and the need for climate adaptation are major global challenges, according to the World Economic Forum. This also applies to the Dutch national government and, in particular, to the management of the Netherlands' large waters. A number of implementation programmes are already running for the large waters to sufficiently meet European obligations (Water Framework Directive, Natura2000). Recently, the national programme 'Programmatic Approach to Large Waters' (PAGW) was also launched, giving an additional impetus (~2 billion) to restoring the ecological resilience of national waters. The Ecological Resilience 2.0 project is in line with this.

In 2021, HZ research group Building with Nature (BwN) delivered the Ecological Resilience project to client Rijkswaterstaat WVL. The final product consisted of a storymap (digital GIS atlas) on the spatial suitability of future Building with Nature measures in the Delta waters. See the final product here. The study was composed of three work packages:

  • WP1 Site suitability: GIS analyses of physical and ecological data and dose-response relationships;
  • WP2 Social benefits: methodology for spatial analyses of business models on landscape transformations in land-water transition zones;
  • WP3 Apply in analyses and workshops at two current coastal transition projects running over the next four years, in collaboration with involved stakeholders.