You focus on adaptive planning and design of economically and socially dynamic areas under pressure of climate change. You monitor the effects of climate change and design spatial solutions on how cities and rural areas can deal with water challenges. You have to be creative to plan and design for improving the local context. You will learn how to 2D and 3D visualise and communicate your strategies.

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Water Management

This is Spatial Planning and Design

First semester you have courses with all Water management students on generic topics as water challenges related to Climate Change and Sustainable Development. Furthermore you will get introduced to track-specific courses to prepare you on choosing a track after the first semester. You will work on professional development, your Dutch/English skills and research. In the second semester you will start to develop your drawing and designing skills. You will learn about planning policies and -regulations.

During this year you will apply your planning and design skills in international assignments. You will work with spatial planning and topics such as:

  • Circular economy
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Mobility
  • Energy

You will create designs for various local clients. And you will learn about landscape design and rural planning. You will also go abroad on various excursions and for a project week.

In the third year you choose a minor: a kind of six-month choice package. In the minor you choose you deepen or broaden your knowledge. You can do this at one of the research groups of the HZ water programmes, at another study programme or at another university of applied sciences in the Netherlands or abroad. In the second half of the year you will do an internship in the Netherlands or abroad at an organization in your specialization. You can choose where you want to do this.

You will apply your skills and make a design for a complex project where topics as adaptation, mitigation, sustainability, climate change, infrastructure, tourism, food, energy, urbanization come together. You will also work together on a challenge with students from other study programmes on a project from a real client. And you will do your graduation research. This can be done in the Netherlands or in another country.

Watermanagement explained

Do you want to help solving the problems caused by climate change? The HZ Water Management study programme will train you for this!

Sarah explains why she chose Spatial Planning & Design

What our students say

Do you want to know what our students think of the Water Management/Spatial Planning and Design programme and why they chose this programme? Read the various experiences of our students.

Martijn sitting in the restaurant of HZ
About the programme
Martijn, Water Management Student

Later I want to focus on transforming urban area into more sustainable living environments

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After graduation

Congratulations, you're graduated! From now on you may use the title ‘Bachelor of Science’.

With your Water Management diploma, you can work for a company, but can also enter the non-profit sector. The jobs depend on your specialization. You can work at all levels of governmental bodies, water boards, or research institutes, at consultancies, engineering firms and industries.

  • Assistent researcher
  • Consultant
  • Assistent area manager
  • Designer
  • Project coordinator

Do you want to continue studying after your Water Management bachelor degree? Then there are several options.

  • River Delta Development
    With your HZ bachelor degree, you have direct access to the River Delta Development master programme at HZ. When you choose to enroll in this programme, you can obtain your bachelor and master degree in 6 years.
  • Continue studying in the Netherlands
    If you choose to continue at another university in the Netherlands, a pre-master may be required.
  • Continue studying abroad
    If you decide to continue studying abroad, you can often immediately enroll in a master programme with your HZ bachelor degree