Student life

Everybody knows that being a student is much more than studying till the early hours of the morning and sweating at exams. That is just part of it. The part that helps you expand your mind, test your brain, make you proud of your hard-won achievements and feel yourself slowly but certainly develop into a qualified professional with expert knowledge and managerial skills. But a well-balanced professional also relaxes.

Fun, sports and being together with like-minded friends and going on trips: that is the reward for hard work. Vlissingen and Middelburg offer you everything you need to enjoy student life. Within cycling distance you will find shops, bars, the beach and loads of activities at HZ itself.


HZ Sport

Join HZ’s sports club HZ Sport for all your sporting activities. Take part in weekly sports such as tennis, volleyball, indoor and outdoor football, swimming, or get discounts on activities such as kite surfing, climbing, go karting and mountain biking.

HZ Cult

Films, theatre, music, excursions and concerts: HZ Cult puts on a variety of cultural activities. As a member of HZ Cult, you receive discounted entry. This is a great way to get to know other students whilst enjoying all sorts of cultural events.

You can find the full program here.


The peer-project is a great way to get to know other students, national and international, in a relaxed and friendly way. Alongside your normal classes you will spend 35 hours on activities, such as meals out, study-related activities and movie-nights.

Student Associations

Whether you want to take part in fun activities, parties or just get to know other students, the students associations of HZ are a great way to make new friends. Movie nights, BBQ’s and fantastic parties: don’t miss out! You can also take a more active role by helping organize events.

FISA is the only student association for Dutch and international students in Flushing. It is an open student association, where every student is welcome to join and enjoy student life! FISA is a big multicultural group, that is up to fun and bring some activities into a student life. Their goal is to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

FISA’s activities include:

  • Theme parties once or twice a month in HQ Basement
  • Socializing activities/events like movie nights, dinners, bowling nights, graffiti workshops etc.

The board of FISA has regularly meetings, where they are brainstorming and thinking about a new theme party or an event. They are also sharing their opinions, to see what FISA can improve. The team is in charge of buying decoration and decorate the place and planning the work plan. Since FISA is cooperating with Tapperij de Ruyter, they need to make conversations with the owners as well. To sum up, one could say that the board of FISA are leading a little business. You can find more information at the Facebook page FISA Flushing.


A big part twice a year, for a great start of the new semester? Visit the WE LOVE COLLEGE parties! In February and September, you can join the biggest student party in the region. The next edition will be held on Friday the 10th of February.

WE LOVE COLLEGE is a student party, especially for HZ-students. Of course you are also welcome if you are not an HZ-student. Connecting people through events creates a positive memory of their time spend in Vlissingen. To us, that is the most important thing! The minimum age for WE LOVE COLLEGE is 17 years old.

Do not want to miss a WE LOVE COLLEGE party? Follow us on Facebook or visit the website. Would you like to help in the organization of WE LOVE COLLEGE? Let us know! We always got place for young talent that will help us organise a great event!

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