Do you dream of an international business career? With the English-spoken International Business degree course at the HZ, you will gain a lot of international experience. We challenge you to become a business expert with an eye for today’s global challenges so that you can contribute to a better world. In addition, even during your studies, you start building up a strong network and you spend one to three semesters abroad.

A broad economics course

International Business is a broad economics course that will prepare you for challenging management positions at companies all over the world. From day 1, you start with a solid business administration foundation, including marketing, financial management, market research, business ethics, and international trade. You discover the entrepreneur in you by founding your own company and you make regular excursions to renowned companies. Additionally, you will be learning one or more languages.

One to three semesters abroad

You get to choose from three different study tracks, with a focus on either learning more languages or learning more about business administration. Whichever study track you choose, you will be part of an international class filled with students from all over the world. The course has a strong international focus, as such, you will be spending one to three semesters abroad. Which country? That choice is yours to make.

The world is your playground

Are you a manager waiting to blossom? And do you see the world as your playground? Then studying International Business at the HZ is the right choice for you.

The best International Business programme in the Netherland

This programme is, besides a top-rated programme, the best International Business programme in the Netherlands, according to the Keuzegids 2024.

This is International Business

You can design part of the International Business study. For example, you decide what language or languages to learn and what business projects to participate in. In addition, you get to visit various major companies during your first year. Themes that will be addressed during the first study year include:

  • Market Research
  • Information Skills
  • Qualitative Research
  • Intercultural Awareness
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial Management
  • Sustainable Business Development & Innovation
  • International Trade & Supply Chain Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Business English

Study tracks

  • IB: International Business
    Are you a big fan of business, but are languages not your thing? Then choose the study track International Business without extra languages. In this study track, the extra languages in the other study tracks are replaced by two extra subjects on international business. In other words, you really go in-depth on business.
  • IB1L: International Business + 1 language
    Are you a big fan of business and do you have a passion for foreign languages? Then choose the International Business programme with one extra language. This track offers the best of both worlds: you can deepen your business knowledge and improve your German, Spanish, French or Dutch.
  • IB2L: International Business + 2 languages
    Are you a student with a passion for languages? Then choose the study track International Business with two extra languages. During this study track, you will take in-depth classes in two languages of your choice. For example, French, German, Spanish or Dutch.

As in the first study year, in the second year you will also be participating in a few business projects. You also continue to focus on one or more languages. This study year will focus on themes such as:

  • Organisational Behaviour & Performance
  • International Marketing Planning
  • Business Accounting
  • Quantitative Research
  • Client Relations Management
  • International Sales & Sales Techniques
  • Socially Responsible Entrepreneurship
  • Business English

Your own company
During the second study year of International Business, you set up your own student company, together with some of your fellow students. Together, you brainstorm about the product or service you will bring to the market. You write a business plan and, of course, you should not forget about the financial picture and marketing.

The third study year of the International Business course at the HZ is all about your minor and your internship abroad. You choose which countries you would like to go to. Depending on your study track, the choice of countries is dependent upon the additional languages you will be studying.

The fourth and final study year of the International Business course consists of two parts. In the first semester, you are at HZ, preparing for your graduation project. The second semester will focus on the implementation: you will perform in-company research at a company in the Netherlands or abroad.

In the Netherlands, the standard of higher education is maintained through an accreditation system that ensures legal regulation and quality assurance. All programmes at HZ University of Applied Sciences are examined and approved by the accreditor, the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). This means that they meet the quality requirements for accredited higher education set by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, ensuring that you are always choosing a programme of high standard.

Talk to an advisor

Do you have any questions about International Business or practical matters? A student advisor might come in handy!

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What our students say

Do you want to know what our students think of the International Business programme and why they chose this programme? Read the various experiences of our students.

Erika is holding little flags of Germany and the United States of America
About the programme
Erika, International Business Student

The best thing about my study is the international environment that we get to experience.

Read the full story from Erika
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About the programme Study at HZ
Siyana, International Business Student

HZ has a very cosy and colourful environment that makes you feel welcome and comfortable.

Read the full story from Siyana


Have you made your choice? Read all about our application procedure.

Entry requirements

To be admitted to the International Business course, you need:

  • A good command of written and spoken English (IELTS score of 6.0)
  • Basic mathematics skills, including working with fractions, percentages, and simply equations
  • For the Business & Languages specialisation: command of a second (and possibly third) modern foreign language, such as French level A2, German and Spanish start at level A0. No certification required.

You find more details on our special entry requirements page.

Alternative entrance exam

If you don’t have the appropriate secondary school diploma, and if you are at least 21 years old, you may be exempted from this requirement. The HZ provides the possibility of taking an alternative entrance exam.

Fees and finances

In addition to the specified tuition fee, there are additional costs for, for example, your books. These costs total about €500, - per year. In addition, there are certain costs associated with the excursions. These costs total approximately €200.


Do you have any questions or would you like more information about this course? Then please contact domain bureau HZ Business, Vitality & Hospitality by telephone at +31 (0)118 - 489 880 or by e-mail to

Do you dream of an international career in business?

Download the brochure with all the information about the International Business programme.

After graduation

Congratulations, you’ve graduated! From now on, you can put the title of ‘Bachelor of Business Administration’ behind your name. Did you participate in the Honour Programme in addition to your studies? Then you receive an additional certificate together with your degree.

After your graduation, you can find work anywhere in the world. There is an increasing demand for well-educated managers with international experience, so you’ve got great carer prospects. Some positions you could consider:

  • Marketing Professional
  • (International) Market Researcher
  • Export Consultant
  • Procurement Manager

Do you want to continue studying after completing the International Business course? Then you have various options at your disposal. It might be that prior to a master’s degree, you will be required to complete a pre-master. At the University of Tilburg, various Masters’ degrees are being offered that are a great match for graduates of the International Business course at the HZ. These include:

  • Master’s in information management
  • Master’s in international management
  • Master’s in marketing management
  • Master’s in marketing research
  • Master’s in strategic management
  • Master’s in supply chain management

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