Global Project and Change Management

Global Project and Change Management

Are you the one that will improve the quality of life of vulnerable people thanks to new technologies? Will you develop with other experts a solution for the plastic soup? Will you form a plan to help your country to turn green? Will you have a sustainable solution to the housing crisis? Or will you find a way to produce food without putting too much strain on the planet?

During the Global Project and Change Management programme you will tackle these and other important and complex issues, together with students from all over the world. You will work on real-life projects provided by local and international companies or research institutes. You will effectively combine theory and practice, and search for innovative sustainable solutions from a social, economic and technological position. You will gain a global network during your studies and internships. This will thoroughly prepare you for your future career. And above all, you will contribute to a livable future from the very first day of your study!

After graduating, you will be a broad educated professional in the field of social innovations and you will be able to apply the latest knowledge in your chosen field. Project management holds no secrets and you will be familiar with the core themes within the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. You will have built a professional network consisting of specialists at international companies, governmental bodies and non-profit organisations. You will be able to collaborate with people from different cultures and professional disciplines. You will become a flexible Project and Change Manager that will create real change!

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable world and are you looking for an international challenge? Do you care about topics such as vitality, nutrition, energy and water? Then the bachelor Global Project and Change Management is for you!

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  • Bachelor
  • Full time
  • 4 years
  • English
  • Middelburg
  • September

This is Global Project and Change Management

As a Global Project and Change Management student you will follow a wide range of integrated courses and projects during your four year study. You will learn to look at complex sustainability issues from many different disciplines by working on local and global issues from your future field of work. You will learn to approach issues from amongst others; an economic, technological, environmental perspective. The study programme is taught in English.

Year 1

From day one you will dive into the Global Project and Change Management programme. The introduction week is a full 5-day programme in which we get you acquainted with your classmates, your lecturers, and the field. A great way to kick-off your studies!

The first year is divided into two semesters, each with their own theme. The semester themes are a way of putting theory into practice. A great opportunity to apply what you have just learned in a classroom and see how that translates in real-life projects and examples in the field. The first semester theme is water, something that our region of Zeeland has in abundance! Followed by the theme of energy, a clear global challenge for the current and future generations.

A grasp of the courses you will be following in your first year:

  • Earth & Environment
  • Project Management
  • Business Models
  • History of Globalisation
  • Leadership
  • Product Innovation
  • Writing
  • Change Management

These courses will be given by a variety of lecturers supplemented with experts from the field active on a local but also on a global scale. This way the GPCM programme strives to get you engaged and involved in the global challenges our world is currently facing.

Year 2

Your second year of studies is divided in the themes of vitality and food. Two clear current and future challenges this world is facing. Dive into complex questions such as: How can we end food shortages? Are current agricultural practices equipped to deal with the probable consequences of climate change? How can we keep the older generations fit and healthy?

A grasp of the courses you will be following in your second year:

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Negotiation & Persuasion
  • Systems Transformation
  • Purpose Economy
  • Technology for Social Innovation
  • Law and Policies
  • Value Creation
Year 3

You will take a six-month minor. A minor will deepen or broaden your knowledge and skills. You can do this with the research groups at HZ University of Applied Sciences, or choose any other university in the Netherlands or abroad. Click here for the full range of HZ courses.

The rest of the third year consist of an internship. During this internship, you will work 20 weeks on a project at an organisation or company of your choice. You can do your internship in the Netherlands or abroad. For example, you could do an internship at a local government, a hospital or an energy company.

Year 4

You will follow several online and offline courses and workshops to further specialise in an area that is of interest to you. You can do this in the Netherlands or abroad. During the first semester, you will also work on an innovative and sustainable solution to an issue that is close to your heart. Together with your fellow students and various interested parties, you will develop a new initiative or product for a sustainable world. Think of setting up a network of young people who are committed to a just economy or draw attention to underexposed themes in the field of sustainability in global politics.

In the final semester, you will work on your graduation research at an organisation of your choice at home or abroad. You can also graduate at one of the research groups within the HZ. In your research, you demonstrate your competencies and development as a Global Project & Change manager.

Do you want to contribute to a sustainable world and are you looking for an international challenge?

Then the bachelor Global Project and Change Management is for you!

Student stories

What our students say

Do you want to know what our students think of Global Project and Change Management programme and why they chose this programme? Read the various experiences of our students.

Admission requirements

To qualify for admission to the Global Project & Change Management programme you need:

  • A qualification equivalent to a Dutch secondary education diploma, which gives you access to higher education.
  • If you haven't had maths, we offer an online mathematics course. This course will take about 60 study hours and will cost €200. You will study from home and will be supported by one of our lecturers online. Once you start with the GPCM study programme, €100 will be refunded to you. Please contact and they will inform you further about the possibilities.

We want to make sure you are the right fit for our programme. Our Global Project & Change Management selection process ensures programme quality remains high and that you'll benefit from working with other bright future change makers. To apply, we ask you to submit a motivation letter. If we see a potential fit, you will be invited to a digital interview.

Read more about the admission requirements.

Alternative entrance exam

If you don’t have the appropriate secondary school diploma, and if you are at least 21 years old, you may be exempted from this requirement. HZ provides the possibility of taking an alternative entrance exam.

Course description

Read more detailed course information in our Academic and Examination Regulation.

Language requirements

Read all about the language requirements here.

Fees and finances

Next to the tuition fees and cost of living there are extra costs for your study programme (study materials and books). These costs are approximately €300,- for the full study programme. You will have excursions on regular basis. Read more about the fees and finances here.

Bachelor programme

Global Project and Change Management is a bachelor study at HZ University of Applied Sciences and starts in September. The programme is developed from Windesheim Honours College.

Pre-arrival information and studying in The Netherlands

Visa, health insurance, accommodation and a Dutch bank account. You need to arrange quite some things when you decide to study abroad. Read all about it here. And what's it like to study in the Netherlands? And what is Middelburg like? Read all about Zeeland, the Netherlands and HZ.


Do you have any questions or do you need more information about the study programme? Please contact us:

Special feature

Small-scale and intensive education

The Global Project and Change Management study programme has been awarded the specific feature ‘small-scale and intensive education’ by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO). As a student of Global Project and Change Management you will become part of a close-knit international learning community of talented and socially engaged students that want to make a difference in the world. The programme is characterised by the many extra-curricular activities and above average learning goals. Together with your fellow students, lecturers and the professional field, you will be trained to tackle international change issues. How do we prepare you for that? Read more here.

Study in The Netherlands

Are you thinking of studying in Holland? An excellent choice! We tell you why in our brochure.

Your future

After graduation

Bachelor's degree

Congratulations, you have graduated! From now on, you may put the title 'Bachelor of Business Administration' behind your name.

Did you participate in the Honours Programme? You will get an extra certificate with your bachelor's degree.

Career prospects

After your graduation you can start working as a junior project manager or change manager at all kinds of companies and organisations. For example, you can work for a clothing company that wants to produce clothes fairly, a commercial company that wants to take sustainable entrepreneurship to the next level or a construction company that wants to build green homes. You will end up in international institutions, banks, health organisations, local businesses or for the government. In addition, many students start their own business or continue their studies.

Further studies

Would you like to continue studying after completing the bachelor programme? Because of the research-oriented approach and the challenging programme, you will be able to move on to a master's programme in the Netherlands or abroad. If you decide to continue your education abroad, you can do so immediately after graduating from the HZ. If you choose to further your studies at a research university in the Netherlands, a pre-master might be required. Together with your mentor, you will be able to discuss the various possibilities that match your interests.

Possible master programmes with this Bachelor's degree are:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master in International Management (MSc)
  • Master Sustainability, Science and Policy (MSc)
  • Master Strategic Innovation Management (MSc)
  • Master Interaction Technology (MSc)
  • Master Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy (MA)
  • Master Change Management (MSc)
  • Master River Delta Development (MSc)
  • Master Global Health (MSc)
  • Master in Marketing Management (MSc)

You can also pursue your Law degree (LLB) after graduation.


Projects during the programme

During projects and assignments you often work for real clients. In this way, your study programme fits in well with your future work. Curious about what kind of projects you will be doing? Check it out below!

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