Zeeland and tourism are inextricably linked. Guests spend almost 2 billion euros in Zeeland every year. This makes the hospitality domain important for both the economy and society in Zeeland. In recent years, public opinion on tourism has not always been positive. Take, for instance, the discussions that flare up as soon as the realisation of a new holiday park is discussed. Usually, you only hear the most outspoken supporters and opponents of tourism, but what is the opinion of the average person in Zeeland?

As part of the Future Image of Destination Zeeland 2030 and its action agenda, HZ Research Centre for Coastal Tourism will repeat research on residents in regards to their support for tourism in 2022. This focuses on the extent to which Zeeland residents support tourism and what factors play a decisive role in this. The research is commissioned by the Province of Zeeland and carried out with the cooperation of municipalities.

Residents first

In Toekomstbeeld Bestemming Zeeland 2030 (Future Destination Zeeland 2030), the interests of residents are paramount. The ambition is a destination 'in balance', where residents reap as many benefits from tourism as possible and experience as few drawbacks as possible. Residents' support for the hospitality domain is the most important gauge of the extent to which the 'destination in balance' ambition is achieved. By asking residents to take part in the survey, we want to get the best possible picture of how the average person in Zeeland feels about tourism in their immediate surroundings.

Insight into current support

A comprehensive residents' research was conducted in 10 Zeeland municipalities in 2019 for the first time. This showed that at the Zeeland level, 70% of residents supported tourism. We are now 3 years - and a corona crisis - on. By repeating the research now, we will get a picture of the current support for tourism among residents, to what extent this has increased or decreased since 2019 and in what respect.

The study identifies any bottlenecks that can be addressed to ensure that residents experience the added value of the hospitality domain as much as possible. The results of the study are important for future policy choices on tourism, both at provincial and municipal level.

In 2021, the same research was conducted for the municipalities of Schouwen-Duiveland and Goeree-Overflakkee on the extent to which residents support tourism and what factors play a decisive role in this. For more information on the results of these different researches, please contact the respective municipalities.

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