When you were little people used to ask you “What do you want to became when you grow up?” and you used to come up with different answers based on your role-models, which changed once you grew older. Some of us might have encountered difficulties answering this frequently asked question because of the multitude of possibilities. Same goes for the question “What can I do after graduating HZ University of Applied Sciences?”. This is one of the most important questions asked by future students and their parents, and there are a bunch of possibilities depending on the study you choose.


HZ University of Applied Science appreciates and values ambitious students who already have a set goal, and offers them the necessary resources in order to help them succeed in achieving their aim. Step by step, every basic piece of knowledge from all the fields related to the specific sphere are covered and combined in one-semester length courses.

For those who don't know what they want to study yet, HZ University of Applied Sciences comes in handy and by its course diversity gives the freedom to students to choose what they like better after passing through the mandatory curriculum of primary school and high school.

Confused student? So was I..
I have to confess that I was one of those confused students who did not know what they really wanted for the future, only keeping in mind that I wanted to work in the business sphere. I liked math since, well, forever and thought that maybe I would want to become an accountant. Then I came here and the university showed me many more sides of the business area.

Let’s see together some of the career prospects awaiting you once you graduate:


  • Researcher
  • Product Development Analyst
  • Quality Controller

Logistics Engineering

  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Materials Manager

International Business & Languages

  • International Purchasing Agent
  • Area Manager
  • Export Manager

Water Management

  • Policy Officer
  • Designer or Project Coordinator
  • Waste Water Treatment Engineer

International Business & Management Studies

  • Sales Manager
  • Financial Adviser
  • Independent Entrepreneur

Vitality Management and Tourism
Manager or Entrepreneur in the:

  • Tourism Sector
  • Health and Lifestyle Sector
  • Leisure Sector

Industrial Engineering and Management

  • Management Analyst
  • Technical Business Manager
  • Asset Manager

Of course, these are just few examples of careers you can follow after graduation but there are many more options. The labour market is continuously expanding and because of all the technological developments new job positions pop up all the time. Therefore you can never name all of the possibilities.

A quality education can make the difference between you and the others. The secret for success is hidden inside you. For more details about career opportunities check out the HZ University of Applied Sciences website, click on Study Programmes here or above and go to the “After graduation” section.

Talk to someone who has already made the step
Still confused? Talking to a student who has already made a decision might come in handy. HZ has student ambassadors for every study programme and from different kind of countries. Take a look here to get in contact with a student.


Last modified on: 10-07-2024