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Healthy Region

Tourism, vitality, exercise, wellness, health and Zeeland. What happens when you look for the interfaces between these subjects?

The research group Healthy Region is investigating crossovers between the health of citizens and tourists and the characteristic environmental factors of Zeeland. To this end, the researchers work together with students, entrepreneurs, administrators and civilians. This results in knowledge with which services and products related to healthy living are better attuned to the changing needs of residents and tourists.

In this way, the research group contributes to the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of tourism and the economy in Zeeland. There is also social value, because residents can make use of the innovative services and products.

Three themes are the common thread in the research projects of Healthy Region.

Healthy Living
How can citizens develop and maintain a vital lifestyle? What activities and facilities in the area of well-being, health and vitality contribute to this? And how can care and welfare systems innovate and become more sustainable?

Healthy Lifestyle
Movement and sports are the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. How can you stimulate an active lifestyle for both residents and tourists? What effect do the sports and exercise facilities in a healthy region have on this? And what technologies can be used to achieve this? In this theme, exercise and sport are related to vitality, well-being and healthy living and ageing.

Healthy Hospitality
How can you link tourism and healthcare so that you create new opportunities to put Zeeland on the map as a healthy region? This theme links two very diverse sectors.

Lector Olaf Timmermans delivered his inaugural speech 'Crossing over to a healthy region on 11 June 2015.