We are aware that within HZ, there is a growing group of changemakers. These are individuals who contribute to our societal missions in an exceptionally entrepreneurial manner. They make a difference by initiating positive actions with others from their passion, thus providing creative and sustainable solutions for the broad prosperity of today, in the future, in Zeeland, and elsewhere. There are plenty of examples, but they are often not visible enough. With the Changemaker Award, we aim to change that!

In this video, Ageeth van Maldegem explains what the Changemaker Award is. Also, in the videos at the bottom of this page, some of our ambassadors tell why the Changemaker Award is so important. The winning initiative of this award will be rewarded with the following:

  • 750 euros to further develop the project
  • A platform for the initiative. All nominated initiatives will have the opportunity to pitch their initiative during the Entrepreneurs for the Future event on Friday, May 24. This event will be attended by about a hundred interested individuals.
  • You become part of the Changemaker Community. In this community, we share our knowledge and experiences. We seek out best practices, even beyond HZ. We expand our network. Together, we ensure that our initiatives lead to even greater impact.

Registration and Award Ceremony

Are you a changemaker or do you know someone who is? Register yourself or a candidate for the Changemaker Award. Registration is open until May 8 via this registration form. The Changemaker Award is intended for initiatives by (former) students, teachers, and staff of HZ.

The procedure after registration is as follows:

  • Registrations close on May 8, 2024.
  • The project group carefully evaluates the registrations and nominates the most outstanding initiatives. Nominees will be personally contacted after May 8.
  • The nominated initiatives on the shortlist are presented to the jury, consisting of social entrepreneurs from the field. They select the initiatives that best meet the criteria of the award.
  • On May 24, the recipient of the Changemaker Award will be announced during the Entrepreneurs for the Future event. This event marks the inauguration of Ageeth van Maldegem as lecturer in New Business Models. Read more about this event here.


Do you have any questions or comments? Or do you want to become an ambassador for the Changemaker project? Please contact Julia Deelman: julia.deelman@hz.nl or Ageeth van Maldegem: a.van.maldegem@hz.nl.


In the videos below, the ambassadors of the Changemaker Award explain why it is so important. You can switch on English subtitles.

Research group

HZ Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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'We are looking for changemakers'

Ageeth van Maldegem, lector New Business Models

'We make sure they inspire others'

Barbara Oomen, chairwoman Executive Board

'There are so many great examples in Zeeland'

Elina Boogaard, alumni programme staff member

'We have so many talents'

Kevin van Gorkom, lecturer Social Work

'We need to spotlight students above all'

Irsan Widarto, lecturer Entrepreneurship

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