The Biobased Construction research group is part of MNEXT, a collaboration between HZ University of Applied Sciences and Avans. It collects, develops, valorizes and shares knowledge on the application of biobased materials in construction and civil engineering.

The lectorate focuses on residential and non-residential construction, existing building and new construction, foundations, construction, the finishing of facades and roofs, interior upholstery and civil applications in civil engineering. The researchers conduct applied research with (international) companies, research institutions and students.

Agro-rest streams

Their preference is to research building materials and systems made from agro-rest streams available in the region. In addition, they are looking at the strengths of the HZ and Avans. As a result, the focus is on materials and composites from flax, hemp, bamboo and wood and insulation materials from (flax) lime hemp, mycelium, reed and straw and weed.

The research group particularly wants to cooperate with Zeeland and Brabant companies, which make biobased (building) materials. This can create sustainable networks with opportunities for local employment and startups in the region.

Knowledge bank

With forty companies and knowledge institutions from the Green Deal Biobased Construction, MNEXT has developed the knowledge bank Through this knowledge bank everyone, from executor to policy maker and client, can gather and share knowledge about the availability and application possibilities of biobased materials, products and building concepts.


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Frank Huijben
Frank Huijben


Marianna Ansiliero de Oliveira Coelho
Marianna Ansiliero de Oliveira Coelho


Lennart Zoeter
Lennart Zoeter
Maarten den Hollander
Maarten den Hollander
Marijn Heeren
Marijn Heeren


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