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Biobased construction

The research group Biobased Construction collects, develops, valorises and disseminates knowledge about the application of biobased materials in construction and civil engineering. It focuses on residential and non-residential construction, existing and new buildings, foundations, constructions, the finishing of facades, roofs and the interior and on civil applications in road and hydraulic engineering. The research group is part of the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy (CoE BBE), a collaboration between the HZ and Avans.

The researchers carry out practice-based research in cooperation with (international) companies, research institutions and students.

Residual streams
The research group focuses on building materials and systems that are produced from agro-residual flows available in the region. The focus is for example on building materials and composites from flax, hemp, bamboo and wood and insulation materials such as (flax) lime hemp, mycelium, reed and straw and weed. By examining bio-based building materials from Zeeland and Brabant companies in particular, sustainable networks can be created that offer opportunities for employment and start-ups.

A good example of the practice-based research of this lectorate is the development of the knowledge database www.biobasedbouwen.nl. It has created this in cooperation with 40 companies and knowledge institutions from the Green Deal Biobased Construction. Through this knowledge bank, everyone - from the builder to the policymaker and client - can gather and share knowledge about the availability and application of bio-based materials, products and building concepts.