The Living Lab Structural Health in Biobased Constructions project gives substance to natural fibres. The project partners (TU/e, Avans, HZ University of Applied Sciences), SME companies (Millvision, Van Mierlo Ingenieursbureau, Nature Nomads, Double2, Zeeuwse Stromen and VolkerWessels) will first carry out a materials and sensoring study in which different combinations of natural fibres, such as flax and hemp, bio-resins. production methods and sensors will be tested in accelerated degradation experiments.

The results will be implemented and evaluated in three load-bearing structures (Living Lodge - Wall Structure; Pavilion - Roof Structure; Smart Circular Bridge - Bridge Structure). The resulting knowledge and experience will be communicated through various communication outlets (Massive Open Online Course, sustainability festivals, publications and film material). In addition, an economic and social feasibility study will be conducted to accelerate adoption in construction.

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Biobased Construction

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