Lennart Zoeter

Lennart Zoeter

Lennart Zoeter has been working as a researcher at the Biobased Construction research group since 2019.

As a student, he was also at HZ University of Applied Sciences in the Engineering program. He graduated in Design & Innovation (Product Design) on a study of 3D printing PHBV, a material that is highly biodegradable.
In addition to material development to make PHBV suitable for 3D printing, he designed a biodegradable bee hotel to show the possibilities of 3D printing in combination with PHBV.
As a researcher at the research group, he is involved in biobased materials development, product design and recycling of (thermoset) composites, among others. Lennart gets especially excited about working with students in applied research as well as designing products for the market to show the added value of biobased materials.


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