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Zeeuwse Praktijkroute Ouderenzorg (ZPO)

HZ University of Applied Sciences is involved with the associate professorship Healthy Region as an evaluation partner. The associate professorship maps the added value of the ZPO programme. Also, the HZ's higher vocational nursing course is involved within the ZPO. Nursing students are challenged in the various elderly care organisations to solve issues with other (future) professionals in the form of a learning community.

Within the learning communities, Care and Welfare students from both Scalda and HZ, as well as other students with links to the learning community, are involved. The intention of the learning communities is for aspiring professionals of various levels of education to learn together with care professionals, clients and/or relatives using real-life client problems.

The common goal here is to promote interprofessional cooperation and to share and develop knowledge together. This contributes to the individual learning process of each individual involved and leads to lifelong learning. Also, the aim for this learning community is to contribute to quality improvement within the organisation.

The learning community is designed to better prepare students for work in practice, makes professionals lifelong learners and permanently improves the quality of care. The partners opt for co-creation between education and healthcare providers so that education is closely linked to questions from the professional field. Students put the subject matter directly into practice and immediately place what they have learned in an appropriate context. Furthermore, teachers stay up-to-date in their field by interacting with daily practice and clients and families see that their topical issues are addressed and possibly solved.