Studeren in zeeland

Binding van studenten aan de regio Zeeland

This results in a loss of knowledge and expertise in business and government. Researchers Dr Ingrid Snijders, Harm IJben, Mareike Millner and Kalina Mikolajczak-Degrauwe from the Healthy Region lectorate at HZ University of Applied Sciences, together with Marc Cardon and Johan Klok from Scalda, conducted a literature study on liveability, interviews and discussions with (groups of) students and had students fill in questionnaires. The results provide insight into their choices and thus liveability in Zeeland.

First copy
The report was presented on Tuesday 17 May 2022 during a theme meeting at the HZ in Vlissingen. The first copy was presented to deputy Jo-Annes de Bat.

The project was partly made possible by a contribution from the Zeeland in Stroomversnelling scheme. The research was carried out in collaboration with HZ Nexus.