Why did you decide to study the Associate degree programme Tourism Management?

"Before going to HZ I took a gap year to work and think about what I want to do in the future and what study program would fit me. I chose the Associate degree programme because it fits my personality and because I am ready to start my professional career and get to work in the sector."

    Was it an easy decision to study at HZ in Zeeland, the Netherlands?

    "I live in Zeeland, a very nice Province of the Netherlands. So I knew the HZ before I started my studies. I learned about HZ during my secondary school through Open Days and what immediately appealed to me was how personal the school is. I did not want to move out yet, so I stayed a little closer to home. For me HZ was the right choice."

    Can you explain what the study is about?

    The program consists of modules in which theory classes are connected to a project that relates to it. So everything you learn gets put into practice right away. For me that was a great way to learn. Next to this we had regular guest lectures that also were connected to the topics of the module. Modules that I took are for instance Operational Management, Value Creation, Trends & Technology and Cultural Awareness. All of them very interesting and I learned a lot from them. It is not just about tourism itself, it really is about the management level of the industry and improving guest experience for people from all over the world."

    What do you think about studying in the Zeeland?

    Studying in Zeeland means studying at a small scale university. This is really nice if you like the personal approach and people really helping you out if needed. Also having a good time with fellow students outside of school hours is of course nice and never boring. There are enough parties to go to on weekends. On top of that Zeeland has really nice events that are worth visiting and lots of interesting sites to see and explore."

    What is the most valuable part of your study?

    I thought the projects and guest lectures were very educational and interesting. The topics of the projects and the freedom in them really give room for creativity. Guest lectures really matched the learned theory and the practice oriented education was valuable."

    What do you aspire to do after graduating?

    "After my graduation I will be working in the business of my parents. They own a campsite. With the knowledge and experience I have gathered in this study programme I am equipped to start at a higher professional level."

    Do you have any good advice for future students of Tourism Management?

    There is a really nice atmosphere at HZ. This makes the study much nicer and less hard. Also HZ has a very international orientation which I believe is very important. Trust your gut and don’t be insecure when you start your studies at HZ, because if needed there is always someone to help you out."

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