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Finished projects Building with Nature

Overzicht van uitgevoerde en reeds afgeronde projecten van de onderzoeksgroep Building with Nature

Finished projects Resilient Deltas

Een overzicht van eerder uitgevoerde en reeds afgeronde projecten van de onderzoeksgroep Resilient Deltas

Finished projects aquaculture

Overzicht van de projecten van de onderzoeksgroep Aquaculture in Delta Areas die zijn afgerond of geëindigd.
Ecomare venusschelp 4924 strand venusschelp ogb

Alternative land-based shellfish cultivation

The development of a total concept as a blueprint for sustainable field cultivation of carpetshells and clams.
Terneuzen The Netherlands


AquaSPICE aims at Advancing Sustainability of Process Industries through Digital and Circular Water Use Innovations.


Circular maintenance in the maintenance and process industry

In this project, public and private partners work together under the leadership of the (Dutch) Knowledge and Innovation Centre Maintenance Procesindustrie (KicMPi) and the Belgian Maintenance Association (BEMAS). The goal is to reduce the material footprint of the process industry in the south of the Netherlands and Flanders, and at the same time achieve economic benefits.
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Circular Biobased Construction Industry

The Interreg 2 Seas project Circular Biobased Construction Industry (CBCI) investigates how to use raw materials in construction more efficiently in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Not just in the construction phase, but throughout the entire life cycle of a building. For the transition to a circular economy, an integral approach to circular and biobased construction is being developed, which forms the basis for the construction industry.


'Dare2Connect - Transparency in shipping cost and Carbon Footprint' researches a more sustainable and efficient organisation of container transport. The aim is to gain insight into the preconditions and to build up knowledge about the success factors.
Zeelandbrug 1600x400 header


Ecologically optimal and sustainable alternative materials for marine infrastructure (Ecodami). In this project, various partners from the fields of architecture and ecology are working on the question of which alternative materials can be used to make marine infrastructure more sustainable and at the same time enrich the underwater nature.

Energy supply of automation modules

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