HZ Center for Community Research Zeeland conducts research on social and, if required, economic issues in Zeeland. The researchers thus recognise, describe and analyse trends and developments in Zeeland.

With this knowledge and deepening, the knowledge centre wants to contribute to the quality of life in Zeeland. By monitoring and researching what residents think, experience and do, by actively involving residents in thinking about the research topics, informing them and letting them discuss the results, the centre challenges residents to look further. In doing so, it also stimulates their involvement in society.

Describe, compare and explain

Researchers do more than just provide data. The data are a means to answer the research questions. "We describe, compare, explain and place data within the context of Zeeland. In doing so, we are mindful of regional and national developments and findings from other research."

The researchers are experts in their field, operate independently, are reliable and cooperate as much as possible, on the one hand with the people who are the subject of the research and on the other with organisations and institutions that contribute to knowledge optimisation and sharing this knowledge in Zeeland.

Research function

The centre works primarily on behalf of the province, which bases part of its policies on the data coming from the centre. Organisations, institutions and companies can also contact them when they have questions.

The research function of the province was previously housed at ZB. Since 30 June 2021, it has been under the banner of HZ.

More information can be found at www.kczs.nl.





Ruben De Cuyper
Ruben De Cuyper


Jolanda van Overbeeke
Jolanda van Overbeeke
Luc Verschuren
Luc Verschuren
Siri Pisters
Siri Pisters


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