The Dare2Share programme is aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in the logistics sector in Zeeland to tackle innovation issues earlier, better and faster.

The programme aims to help increase the innovative power of SMEs in Zeeland and to maintain the current level of knowledge within the companies. Dare2Share enables companies to develop new or improved services or implement new processes and process improvements. In addition, they can assess technological innovations such as the Internet of Things, blockchain and autonomous transport quicker, both within their own organization and that of supply chains.

Talent Innovation Pool

In the Dare2Share programme, the Supply Chain Innovation research group makes its knowledge, resources and network available to SMEs in Zeeland in order to effectively tackle the innovation demand that companies have. “We do this by bringing students, young professionals and companies together in a unique setting, called the Talent Innovation Pool (TIP).”

In a TIP, these parties meet in groups for a period of twenty weeks. Within the TIP meetings, Supply Chain Innovation organizes exclusive masterclasses, uses its expertise and the participants exchange their experiences. “That's how we learn from each other!”

Tailor-made programme

A Dare2Share characteristic is that the innovation demand comes from the companies themselves. If possible, the research group bundles the questions into case histories and develops a tailor-made programme in which the necessary soft skills are further developed, and attention is given to professional knowledge around a specific theme.

By connecting people and companies and adding knowledge to the Dare2Share community, new insights and concrete solutions are created for the innovation issues of tomorrow.

The TIP is just one form of the wide range of options that the Dare2Share programme offers SMEs in Zeeland. “We would be happy to explore with you the form that best suits you or your company.”

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Supply Chain Innovation

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