The Academic Workshop on Eldercare Zeeland is a structural partnership between twelve parties.

The parties from practice, policy, research and education work together on the following themes: Staying Healthy, Care at Home, Care Technology and Labor and Education. The parties tackle research projects together and insights are directly put into practice .

The AWOZ has an organizational structure consisting of a steering committee, a coordinator and a coordinating core group with representatives (anchors) from policy, research and practice (multi-sectoral approach). Elders actively participate and serve on both the steering committee and the core group, and on project teams where appropriate.


The mission of the AWOZ is to improve the quality of life and well-being of older people in Zeeland by improving elderly care. The development, implementation and exchange of knowledge within the AWOZ contributes to the realization of this mission.


The AWOZ is seen as a connector of all Zeeland parties involved in care, support and services for the elderly, regardless of where they live. It is a vital workshop for elderly care that builds bridges between research, practice, policy and education, collaborating on projects for knowledge development and implementation.

AWOZ involves the following parties: Adrz, Erasmus University, GGD Zeeland, Allévo, HZ University of Applied Sciences, University College Roosevelt, the province of Zeeland, SVRZ, WVO Zorg, Zorggroep Ter Weel, Zorgstroom, POSO and ZorgSaam.

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